Sharing The Art Of Lily King

I am delighted and proud to share the art of Lily King. My uniquely talented sister ranges from incomparable photography to magnificent handmade pottery.

From personal shoots to photography commissioned by designers, Lily has an eye for finding beauty and elegance in any given scene. After relocating from Manhattan to Los Angeles, Lily's photography continued to flourish. Using her new-found home as inspiration and studio, Lily began her foray into the world of pottery. 

Lily's talents did not go unnoticed; she was featured in many news and media outlets, most notably in the Los Angeles Times. I invite you to visit to take a peek into the wide breadth and repertoire that her work holds.

Her latest show began Friday night with a wonderful and successful grand opening event! For those in the Los Angeles area, I extend the invitation to see her show Matters Of Space Studio. Located at 5005 York Blvd., Los Angeles, the show will run until January 8th.