The Importance of Staging

When mentioning “staging” to real estate clients we’re often met with reluctance or confusion. It has become somewhat of a controversial, and often not-trusted, practice by sellers. For those unaware, staging home, to us, means setting up your home to look the most appealing to the widest set of buyers. We want people who see your home to be able to picture themselves in that home! For many others, staging has a negative connotation of emptying your home and creating a bland, sparsely decorated stage set. Many realtors also ask you to rent furniture to create their generic illusion. That’s just unrealistic. We believe staging your home should be a showcase of its best features.

Staging can get a bad rap because of so many realtors who aren’t adequately trained to know how to make it work to the seller’s advantage. We cannot tell you the number of times we’ve heard from our clients that they were shocked how good their own furniture and home looked when we were done. So, here are the tips we want to share to help you get the most out of your home-selling experience.

First and foremost, find the right professionals for the job. Ev Winningham is an Accredited Home Stager and takes the job seriously. Having fresh eyes on the situation helps us clear the clutter and see both the strengths and flaws that may be covered with rose-colored glasses by the homeowner. A true pro will help to create the ideal flow and picture-perfect rooms. With so much of buying being online and through photographs, presentation is truly important.

Additionally, once you’ve decided to sell your home, it will be important to detach yourself from your house. Taking your photos and personal touches out may seem like you’re creating a space that may look like no one truly lives there; and in a way, you’re right. The selling process is all about the buyers. Staged rooms look bigger than empty rooms, and having furniture and some essentials does make the home feel “lived-in” without seeming like a potential buyer is being a voyeur.

Ideally, if it’s in your time and budget, we also recommend some light updates and renovations. Pulling up old carpet, putting on a new, neutral coat of paint, updating kitchen hardware are all minor projects that can add huge value. A new shower curtain and linens can completely change the feel of a dated bathroom. Changing light fixtures, throw pillows, and bed sheets also make a world of difference. Knowing your buyers and market will help with this process, as well. Neutral colored spaces are the easiest for someone to picture making their own.

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Bottom line, and biggest tip, is that you want someone to walk into your home and wish as though they could move in right then and there. Staging is something we really believe in and are ready and willing to help our clients, both sellers and buyers, find their dream homes (even when the couch may not be included).