The Seattle Real Estate Market Continues to Heat Up

As featured in The Seattle Times, the housing market continues to rise. With Seattle's hot real estate market, housing prices continue to be on the rise. This has caused many homes within the Greater Seattle Area to have prices averaging $1,000,000. Coming in at the top of the list, Queen Anne is the first large neighborhood to have a median price price of $1,000,000 and looks like it will be the model for pricing in comparable Seattle neighborhoods.

Along with areas of Seattle seeing spikes in pricing, the Eastside has also taken part in the upward pricing trend. While Seattle as a whole has reached an average of $750,000 per house, Eastside homes are going for a median price of $885,000. This number is significantly higher than the average price for a home in Kirkland, which according to Zillow is currently $665,900. Throughout King County as a whole, the average price is up to $653,000. This number shows that it is still possible to find housing for every budget in the Greater Seattle Area.

With the housing market booming, investing in real estate continues to be a wise choice. Seattle and it's surrounding neighborhoods are growing along with the local economy. This is proving to be a promising time to invest in real estate. We know navigating the waters of this homebuying season may seem intimidating. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

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