Preparing Your Home for a Spring Sale

Now that we have turned our clocks forward, we are officially on the countdown to spring. That means we are edging ever-closer to blooming flowers, chirping birds and the spring sales season—the busiest time of year for real estate in the Seattle region. If you’re considering making your next move, spring can be a great time to sell. Below we are outlining some key tips to preparing your home for a spring sale.


You want a potential buyer to feel welcomed to your home from the moment they see it and a key to creating that affect is through your home’s exterior—its curb appeal.


The winter season can be tough on yards and plants. Hire a landscaping company or spend a weekend cleaning up the yard and walkways by mowing and pressure washing. It can also be a great idea to add a few perennials to empty planters or garden beds to provide a touch of color.


A potential buyer may easily jump to the conclusion that your home is not well cared for at the sight of dirt on the siding or gutters that are full. Walk around the perimeter of your home to identify any areas in need of repair and be sure to wash the siding, windows, etc.

Front Door/Entrance

In the moments leading up to the big reveal when the front door opens, you want buyers to be thinking positively about the home and the experience they’ll have in it. Freshen up your front door with a fresh coat of paint, add a plant or decorative item to the porch area, or buy a new welcome mat to greet them as they pass through the threshold.


Clean & Maintain

Just as the exterior of your home should be neat and tidy, so should the interior. Hire a cleaning service or spend the better part of a weekend doing a thorough deep clean of those hard to reach or easily overlooked places within your home. When preparing for photography, open houses or showings, you’ll want to ensure trash cans are emptied, dirty laundry is hidden, and that the overall home feels tidy and well cared for.

Organize & Depersonalize

Sure, you may love the collection of photos you have of your kids over the last twenty years or the convenience that keeping your blender on the counter affords, but these can inadvertently signal negative things to a buyer. Too many personal items can inhibit their vision of the future and too much clutter can suggest that a home simply doesn’t have enough storage space. To help with cleaning, a storage unit can be helpful for keepsakes and extra items that need to be tucked away during the sales process.

Give Every Space a Purpose

In line with cleaning and organization, every space in your home should be given a purpose. That could mean turning a flex space into an artist’s loft or moving all of your scattered electronics into one room to serve as an office. Small directional and spatial cues can assist visitors in how they might utilize the spaces within your home.

Add a Fresh Touch

Whether it’s a bouquet of fresh flowers or a reed diffuser with a light scent, small touches can make a big impact on a potential buyer.

Looking for more tips on preparing your home for sale? Would you like to discuss your spring real estate goals? We’d love to help—contact us today.