Home Design Trends For 2019

Each new year brings a plethora of new trends to consider when updating your home. Last year was all about exposed light fixtures, rose gold, and subway tile. 12 months of bold accent rugs and high-gloss lacquer later, there’s a new set of trends to look to. These fresh 2019 design decor ideas will help you update your home with confidence this spring.


Concrete Accents

In 2019, concrete is a trend that minimalists and loft dwellers will love. We are seeing an increase in concrete tables, desks, flooring, and counter tops- which tells us that this decor trend has already taken off. Concrete provides a crisp, clean look that is easy to compromise and incorporate into any already established theme. It also gives any home more of an industrial feel. You don’t have to redo your entire kitchen or floors to adopt this trend either. Small concrete containers are inexpensive and add the perfect raw touch to any room.

Patterns: Floral & Geometric

Floral has been a popular pattern for decorating since before we can remember, but this year’s trending floral patterns are modern and playful. Floral wallpaper, more specifically, can add texture and a rich layering to any room. Covering a plain white wall with floral wallpaper adds the perfect pop of color and tradition.

Similarly, geometric patterns are no new trend. This year’s trending geometric patterns are bold and over sized. Think bathroom shower tiles and a kitchen back-splash.  2019 is gravitating towards the kitchen making more of an impact in the home, and geometric, patterned tiles are an easy way to do this! Geometric patterns can also be incorporated into throws and furniture to add a bold statement.

Copper & Brass

Rose Gold was one of the top decor trends last year, but this year we’ve moved on, and it’s all about copper accents and brass decor. Whatever the metal, a more earthy tone is on trend in 2019. Brass is a warm alternative to stainless steel and can add an elegant touch to any kitchen or bathroom.


Velvet Furnishings

Velvet is everywhere this year. Gone are the days where velvet was considered old fashioned. Velvet sofas and chairs are gaining tons of attention in the design world. The multi-dimensional fabric adds luxury to any room while still providing comfort. Traditionally, dark velvet fabrics were commonly scene in formal living rooms, but this year’s velvet obsession includes lighter, jewel-toned shades of velvet too.

Lighting: Artisanal & Vintage

Two lighting decor trends you’ll want to be aware of this spring are artisanal fixtures and vintage lighting. Custom artisanal light fixtures from local artists and small businesses help create a unique environment in your home. And unlike last year’s trend of exposed lighting, 2019 will see more vintage pendants with copper and brass finishes. If you’re leaning towards vintage lighting, you’ll be able to find some unique and eye-catching shapes for your fixtures.