4 Easy Ways to Increase The Value of Your Home

If you’ve ever done a remodel on a home, you know how quickly the cost can go up during the process. Updating your home will always improve the looks, however, a remodel can also give your home’s value a boost. But what if you don’t want to spend 1,000’s of dollars on just the kitchen? Well, these four updates below should give you a great return with a relatively low investment!

1. Switch to Smart Switches

Smart lighting is the future! Who doesn’t want to control the brightness or color of their homes lights with just their voice? Smart lights like the Philips Hue use your homes WiFi to connect to your smartphone or smart home hub such as an Amazon Alexa. Will the simple installation of replacing your existing bulbs, smart lights are an easy and fairly inexpensive upgrade to take your home into the future.

2. Smart Doors

Give your door some brains too! Installing smart door features is not only a chance to up your curb appeal game, but adds function and security to your everyday life. There are a few different elements of a smart door; the first being a smart lock. Smart locks not only lock/unlock the door without a key. You can receive alerts as to who’s entering and leaving, and email limited access keys to children and guests when you’re away from home.

3. Improve the Bathroom Before the Kitchen

According to a cost versus value report done by remodel.net, bathroom remodels are the most cost effective and have the edge over kitchens as the best choice for a remodel. A good place to start, especially if your budget is small, is with hardware. Updating faucets, rods, hooks, and door handles can make a huge difference. Walk-in showers are also a stylish, modern, and functional addition to any bathroom.

4. Radiant Heating is a Must-Have

Who doesn’t love their feet being warm and toasty? Not only is radiant heating cost efficient, saving up to fifteen percent off electricity bills, but it gets rid of ugly radiators and floor vents; making your home more aesthetically pleasing. In the case of selling, heated floors attract buyers like bears to honey.