Create an Inspired Life

In today’s hectic world, stress is always present. Your home contributes a lot to how you feel once you walk in the door; It will either nurture you and promote positive thoughts or overwhelm you, leaving you exhausted. So, it is important to create an environment within your home that is calm and peaceful, allowing you to recharge your energy and help you lead a happy life. Here are nine tips for creating your own calm and peaceful sanctuary at home.



Studies have shown that color impacts you on emotional, physical, and psychological levels. It can even cause your appetite and body temperature to change! Because of this, color is the first thing you must tackle in order to make sure you are creating a space that positively affects your mood and energy levels. Everyone reacts differently to certain colors, so become aware of how different colors impact you before determining which color to paint your walls. For example, Baker-Miller pink is supposed to reduce anxiety, aggression, and appetite.


Conquer Clutter

Not only does clutter make it difficult to find where you placed certain belongings, but it also creates a sense of being overwhelmed and unconscious chaos. Even if you aren’t at home, clutter can weigh on you. No matter what level of clutter you have in your home, it is important to tame the tension it creates and tackle it once and for all.

Plant Power

Not only do plants bring nature into your home, but they are essential for designing a restorative space. As humans, we are designed to appreciate the natural beauty around us. This is especially true in nature. Plants help to clean and re-oxygenate the air indoors, eliminating toxic off-gasses from many products we use every day. Plants are also thought to incorporate a sense of calm in your home, helping to give you that much-needed sigh of relief.


Remove Bad Mojo

Every memory and experience you have makes up a part of who you are today. It is normal for people to decorate their home with pictures from their experiences, whether it’s hanging photos from the walls or adding photo frames to shelves. When you have a negative association with a memory from a photo, seeing it every day can drain you. Become aware of items in your home that you associate with undesirable feelings. This goes beyond photos! Say your family pet died and you are feeling sad about it—their favorite chair or rug to lie on might spark up sad feelings and promote negative energy. By removing any “bad mojo” items, you are one step closer to creating a serene space.

Create a Slogan for Your Sanctuary

We each have unique needs that need to be met by the environment we live in. In order for our environment to support and fulfill those needs, decide what characteristics, qualities, and atmosphere you want to create. This will be your “Sanctuary Slogan.” Write it down in a journal or create a mood board where you will see it every day. Either way, reminding yourself often of your end goal will keep you focused and on track.

Welcome Windows

Windows allow more light into your home, brightening your mood instantly. Instead of fitting your windows with heavy, dark-colored drapes which will darken your home, go for a lighter colored, lighter material choice such as white linen curtains. Another important thing that windows bring to the table is fresh air. Stuffy, dusty air is sure to cause disharmony in a home, so be sure to open your windows at least twice weekly to let fresh air in.


Simplify the Bedroom

The bedroom is the most important room in the home to keep calm and simple. This is the space where you replenish rest, so you need to create a space that encourages deep sleep. Allocate your bedroom as your space to do just that: rest— so keep computer and television screens out of the bedroom. If you work from home, try not to work in bed from a laptop or answer emails from your cell phone. Keeping your workspace separate from your sleep space will help your mind shut off faster when you do go to bed. Layer your bed with multiple pillows that vary in firmness and sheets of natural fibers like crisp cotton or linen to make every sleep feel more luxurious.

Choose Peaceful Artwork

Artwork can evoke a strong emotional response, perhaps more than anything else we bring into our homes. Often times we overlook the way artwork in our home makes us feel because we see it every day, but it is important to pay close attention to how a piece of art makes you feel in order the cultivate a peaceful mood in your home. Get rid of any art that makes you anxious or associates with a negative thought/memory. When choosing art for your new sanctuary, choose pieces that make you feel relaxed and calm.


“Reset” Your Home Each Week

At some point, you are bound to have a busy week where you will feel like you do not have any time to focus on yourself. Since your home environment directly affects these feelings, it is important to not let a hectic schedule turn into a permanent setback. Set a weekly date to “reset” your home, where you will spend a little time cleaning, sorting through mail, opening up the windows, and livening up your home with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Once you are finished light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine and reflect on the positives of your week and what you’re looking forward to in the week to come.