How the New Tax Bill Affects Your Home Search

How the New Tax Bill Affects Your Home Search

In December of 2017 the current administration passed a new tax bill, the biggest overhaul since 1986, and many changes were made that will have a direct impact on the housing market. Here is a brief look at what the new bill will mean for homeowners, buyers, and sellers.

Third Quarter Real Estate Market Reports


Realogics Sotheby's International Realty presents a look at the housing market trends for the third quarter of 2017, check out all the details across the sound; from in-city Seattle living opportunities to the Eastside’s most distinguished residences.

Seattle  |  Single Family Homes

Prices continued to exceed seller’s expectations in Q3-2017, as the median sales price reached $881,000, a sharp increase compared to last year’s $786,000 average. View report here


Seattle  |  Condominiums

The average sales prices for condominiums in Seattle as a whole increased by 11.6% compared to the third quarter of 2016, while the value of condos in the downtown core continues to skyrocket. View report here


Eastside  |  Residential

Despite cooling autumn temperatures, the market on the Eastside is red hot, as the region’s same-quarter sales in the third quarter of 2017 remained steady from 2016 and the days on market decreased to 18 days. View report here.

Tips to Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Tips to Protect Against Cyber Attacks

These days it seems as though we are hearing about large companies being hacked almost every month. The companies that are supposed to be the most secure and have all the possible software and protection behind them; so, if they're getting hacked what chance to the rest of us have?

The Importance of Staging

The Importance of Staging

When mentioning “staging” to real estate clients we’re often met with reluctance or confusion. It has become somewhat of a controversial, and often not-trusted, practice by sellers. For those unaware, staging home, to us, means setting up your home to look the most appealing to the widest set of buyers. We want people who see your home to be able to picture themselves in that home!

2016/2017 Market Report

We are pleased to announce the Realogics Sotheby's International Realty 2016/2017 Market Report! The full publication features editorial content and a full review on trends to watch and year-end statistics.

What's Next: Your Weekly Event Calendar Update

I am thrilled to bring you this week’s event calendar! Your  comprehensive guide, take a peek at what’s going on! From the Friday Art Walk in downtown Issaquah and Saturday Farmer’s Market on Bainbridge Island to a weekend filled with Seafood in Ballard, here’s what’s happening around the sound:

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Decorating Tips to Improve Your Home

Judith Taylor of Houzz presents "12 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Better," that prove helpful whether you're looking to improve your home or considering preparing it for a sale. 

As Taylor first explains, people who specialize in home decor "are creative types by nature and love to imagine, dream and explore," but there are a few "tried and true things that work" no matter your creative/design skill level. 

Here five of our favorite tips: 

1. Wait to choose your paint color to make sure that you not only pick a color that suits your home, but that complements all the items you plan to put in it.

2. Find a piece to serve as your focal point and allow the rest to complement it. As Taylor says, "your focal point might be a dramatic hood in the kitchen, a mantel and art piece in the living room or a headboard in the bedroom." What you choose is open to interpretation, just ensure that you "choose something that will draw attention."

3. Don't be afraid to be bold because it creates personality. The article describes that it is important to "incorporate unexpected elements for drama" in order to personalize and create a unique space that people will appreciate.

4. Hang your artwork so that the center is approximately 57 inches from the floor. Why? As Taylor writes, "the average human eye level is 57 inches," so it offers the perfect height for you and your guests to enjoy your pieces.

5. Give yourself permission to be creative. While following creative principles can be helpful, just "go with something personal that makes you smile and, above all, is comfortable." If you do, you're sure to end up with a space you (or a potential buyer) will love.

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5 Things to Know for Foreigners Buying Property in the US

Foreign investment in the US real estate market is higher than ever! With such an increase in investment by foreigners comes questions and concerns that may not have otherwise been brought up in transactions with only American citizens.

Fortunately, the publication Mansion Global has compiled a list of 5 tips for foreign buyers to know:

  1. Foreigners can borrow in the US and buy a home
  2. Buyers don't pay out of pocket for a real estate agent; it comes from the sale of the house
  3. You may have to disclose your identity
  4. You will need to pay annual taxes on your property
  5. Some apartments require additional fees

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How to Save for a Home When All Your Money Is Going Toward Rent

It's no secret that rents are on the rise; it can certainly feel daunting to even think about purchasing a home when so much of your income goes to paying rent. Fear not!, recently came out with a way to be able to start stockpiling and saving, even amidst growing rents.

Every little bit helps! Some of your everyday expenses add up; limiting some expenses that could be deemed 'frivolous' can easily be put towards saving. Other actions such as finding places to rent that don't have such limiting rental obligations are also essential!

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To Dos: Your October Home Checklist

With summer over and fall now in full swing, there are many things, as a homeowner, that you should be doing to prepare for the oncoming cooler and damper weather.

Fortunately,  Houzz has all of the info to prep your house!

  • Prepare your home for winter weather
  • Clean gutters
  • Inspect your roof
  • Boost night lighting
  • Rake leaves
  • Turn off exterior faucets

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Boosting Your Home's Value Without Breaking The Bank

Upping the value of your home doesn't have to require a second mortgage or breaking the bank. It's important to not be beleaguered Doing some of these DIY projects and shopping smart can make a drastic and dramatic difference! 

  1. Shop vintage stores
  2. Update furniture as DIY 
  3. Paint accent walls
  4. Create more space with mirrors
  5. Be creative with shelving
  6. Enhance the lighting

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Tailoring Your Business To Millennial Homebuyers

It's no secret that the Millennial generation is coming into the home-buying market in full force. And it is also no secret that this is the first generation to have grown up their entire lives with the computer and Internet at their fingertips. As such, the demand for innovation and ingenuity for the real estate sector has never been higher.

In a recent article from Inman, a real estate news source for realtors and brokers, Jason Turner breaks down what brokers should and shouldn't be doing amidst the growing rise of new media and marketing strategies. 

The more open and approachable a broker is, the more appealing to a Millennial buyer. Despite such innovations as being able to search for homes from the convenience of their smartphones, Millennials are really searching for a personal touch from a dedicated broker that is going to be able to mentor and be available to them with indispensable knowledge from firsthand experience. 

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