After deciding to list your home, a monumental decision in and of itself, the first thing you’ll probably ask yourself is where to start. After all, you’ve purchased a home before but chances are you haven’t sold one. So where to begin? Well here are three simple steps you can take facilitate the process: 

  1. Call your real estate agent. They can help make sure you are headed in the right direction and keep you from making avoidable mistakes. If for some reason you don’t remember the agent that sold you the home, are unable to locate them, or simply don’t care for them, then finding a new agent will become your priority. Finding someone that is professional and knowledgeable is key, as is meeting with them early on to discuss priorities, goals, and preferences. Determining your expectations at the start will help both you and your agent as you move forward through the selling process.
  2. After you have obtained an agent, the time comes to walk through your home. During a walk—through, we can discuss necessary repairs and establish goals for staging your home to sell. I can help you avoid overspending as you prepare your home for the market and let you know which tasks are and are not necessary to complete in the eyes of a potential buyer.
  3. The final step is determining what the listing price will be. This is a task I am professionally prepared to assist you with and that will depend on the types of tasks we have completed during the staging process in addition to appraising recent comparable sales in your area. A home that is priced right will sell and I know how to guide you to the right price.